What is Accelerated Learning?

What is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated Learning may be one of todays’ most advanced teaching and learning methods. Originally designed in Europe, AL has been in US schools and corporations for over 25 years. It is based on the natural way we learn and unlocks learning potential that has been largely untapped by conventional learning methods. AL is designed to involve the whole child in learning through physical activities, metaphorical stories, music, art, imagery, and various other activities. It is a learner-based system that inspires learning.

How does Accelerated Learning Work?

Accelerated Learning teachers have specialized training.

AL teachers understand that their effectiveness is dependent on an inner wisdom, a deep understanding of themselves as people and learners in addition to competent understanding of academic content. David Meier, a veteran AL trainer explains:

It requires certain qualities of heart, mind and soul. . .to achieve the greatest amount of success as an AL teacher. Your whole being has to resonate with the philosophy.

AL teachers are trained in the use of arts in learning, current brain and learning research, the elements of an optimal learning environment, motivation, and successful methods for leading learners from knowledge to understanding.

AL develops a positive teaching attitude and recognition of each students’ unlimited learning capacity.

For students to tap into their profound, natural learning capacity they must have a teacher who believes in their unlimited potential and creates a warm, inviting environment to unfold this potential. These teachers can truly create a loving space where children learn and grow.

AL teaching gives children an opportunity to work with authentic, “real-world” learning situations.

People learn best when information is related in some way to real-life and also resonates with their own experiences. Much of today’s teaching practices isolate facts into what students perceive as irrelevant information bytes-because that’s what they are! Facts learned in isolation are hard to absorb because most people don’t see any reason to learn it. But put knowledge within a relevant context—provide students opportunities to interact with the concepts— and the information is remembered with ease.

Accelerated Learning involves the whole mind and body in a holistic, global learning experience.

AL respects the uniqueness of each child. You may have noticed that one of your children learns best by doing, while another prefers to sit and watch. Perhaps your child likes to see things first while another child wants to hear explanations. Accelerated Learning techniques honor students’ learning preferences, guaranteeing success for all children.

Learning is not all “head” learning-verbal, conscious, rational, “left-brained” thought processes-but a synthesis and integration of the whole body/mind including emotions, expectations, motivations and needs.

AL restores joy in learning–the delight that accompanies authentic learning.

Joy is a child’s response to natural assimilation of new information and discovery of real world, practical application of knowledge. A child’s natural curiosity takes over in the right environment. AL helps children create new understanding, gives them a vital sense of power through knowledge, and invokes a feeling of inner competence. This is joyful learning!

Why does AL Work?

The optimal AL learning environment is characterized by an aesthetic atmosphere, total learner involvement, and activities that appeal to the way each child likes to learn. Research shows that people learn best in a physically, emotionally, and socially stimulating environment. Data also shows that people remember more when they have a rich variety of learning options that use all of their senses. Documentation shows that learning improves when students are fully involved and take responsibility for their own learning. AL classrooms are activity -based and learners, immersed in the excitement of learning, are active participants. Studies show that AL courses increase memory, encourage participation, and result in successful, enthusiastic learners!

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