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What Our Participant's Said

I have more confidence and I learnt many things that are very useful for my studies.
I like to use GeniusBrain System in my studies and I am able to apply the system in all my school subjects. My school results are getting better. I scored more A1s than my previous exam with 7 A1s and 2 A2s.
Richard Ho
Saya berasa gembira kerana dapat mempelajari cara yang betul untuk mengulang kaji pelajaran saya.
Nur Aiana
Saya mendapat banyak manfaat daripada ceramah ini. Harap program ini akan diteruskan supaya lebih banyak pelajar akan mendapat manfaat selepas mengikuti program ini.
Angelin Lin
This programme is very good for students.
Yuen Ngor
I find the classes fun. It helped me study better and read faster. Well, this system really does work.
I have learnt how to learn.
Jing Yee
Now I can relax my brain & take control of my own study time.
Soon Hua
I like the techniques taught and made many new friends.
I gained a lot of experience throughout the seminar.
Wee Khuen
I get a lot of information about Super Learning and made many new friends.
During the seminar I can speed read, memorize better and play games.
Ta Sheng
Now I can increase my reading speed and memorize things faster.
Yong Liang
My reading speed has increased.
Jin Wee
Read faster, memory improved, complete homework quicker.
Chui Yee
I have improved my learning skills.
Zheng Yuan
I like GeniusBrain and thanks for teaching me the right way to study. Hope to attend this workshop again.
Nur Shafiqah
The way of studying became easier and better and I enjoyed this workshop. It’s really fun.
Dhia Azeem
Saya mempelajari cara yang berkesan untuk mengulang kaji pelajaran saya.
Noor Fatin
I can now memorize things and speed read.
Lee Fen

What The Parents Said

Dear Teachers, on behalf of my daughter Tan Hui Ni, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers. I feel proud enrolling my daughter here to study, because she is getting better since she joined the GB Junior class, which is to get her to be more independent, more creative and getting involved with team works as well. Through learning phonics, she got the correct pronunciation and learn more words. Lastly, I hope that your centre will continue to do better in future and therefore, I would like to thank you for your teachers efforts to teach my daughter as well as all children and preparing them for a better tomorrow. Thank you. - Testimonial from Mrs. Tan | daughter attended GB Junior
Mrs. Tan
My son improved so much in his studies that he is now getting more than 90% marks in most of his school subjects. The last time, his teacher informed me that my son was unable to complete his examination papers. I was asked to give more attention to him. Then one day a friend of mine told me about GeniusBrain. I gave it a try. So far, the results were good and I am very satisfied with his performance. He can read so fast that I doubted his comprehension so I tested him out. I was fascinated that he was able to tell me what he read. He even taught his younger brother how to use GeniusNotes to remember subjects that I have been trying so hard to teach! - Testimonial from Mrs. Leong | son attended Super Learning.
Mrs. Leong
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