Learn faster! Double your reading speed! Experience instant results!

Well, let me put it this way – if you can read faster, you can get through textbooks and study materials quicker, leaving more time for important things like games and sleeping!

But in all seriousness, speed reading is a valuable skill for students because it allows them to absorb more information in less time, which can be especially helpful during exam season when you have a million things to read and not enough hours in the day. Plus, think about all the time you’ll save when you don’t have to stare at a page for hours!

Speed ​​Reading Skills Learning Outcomes

The transformational workshop provides faster reading speed and first-class seating for students to improve their overall memory and self-confidence. By optimizing interactive activities and debriefing sessions, trainers can guide inspiring character building from within. Participants use technology in their studies and in their lives, proudly remembering and cherishing fond memories as they save time on reading. By continually practicing the technique, participants will see improvements in reading speed and greater achievement in life.

Proven results!


I already know how to speed read
During the seminar, I can quickly read.
Ta Sheng
Now I can read faster and memorize things faster
Yong Liang
Speed ​​reading is what I learned in the workshop
Jing Wen
i can read fast now
Lee Fen
I now read faster and save even more time
Alverna Yong
My reading speed has increased
Jin Wee
now i can read faster
Ta Eu
I learned how to read faster
Dawn Tan
I learned a lot by working in a team, read faster than usual
Sarah Farhana
I was able to read faster and understand the importance of teamwork
Ersalina Lim

Speed ​​Skills Course FAQs

We weren’t taught how to read fast, but the current amount of information doubles every 9 months.

1. Acquiring more information and increasing our knowledge – With the quick reading function, we will be able to acquire more information and increase our knowledge by reading more material.

2. Time saving – If it takes 2 hours of reading time per day, with the right speed reading technique, we can reduce it to 1 hour or less for the same amount of information.

3. Higher Confidence – With our speed reading ability, we will always have the assurance that we can read quickly and digest information at high speed, which increases our confidence level.

4. Better concentration – When we read faster, we will automatically focus and this will help us improve our comprehension.

5. Enhances memory – helps us remember by enhancing comprehension. This can be done with more practice.

Reading is a physical skill that should be practiced and coached. In a classroom setting, participants will be guided rather than learning on their own. Practice makes perfect. The speed reading coach will be able to explain and answer questions faced by the participants and be able to motivate, encourage and follow up the progress of the participants. This is to ensure that participants will gain skills.

Since 2003, our courses have achieved great results, with thousands of students graduating from our super learning programmes.

Usually, people over the age of 8 are suitable. This is to ensure they have the proper vocabulary to ensure they understand what they are reading. They should have a reasonable level of vocabulary and a willingness to read faster.

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