The Complete Course for Students To Become a SUPER LEARNER using Proven Accelerated Learning Methods.

For the first time, parents from anywhere in the world will be able to enrol their children in our Real-Time Online Course. Give your children a Head-Start in life with GeniusBrain. Kindly take note of the Course Time Table during your enrolment.


Why some students can learn better than others? Are we born with natural learning abilities? If learning is a skill, it meant it can be taught. What are the skills needed for students to become better learners? How do students control their learning timetable and retain more information during their revision time? What will be the best way to utilise their whole brain during the learning process? In this course, our Online Teacher will explore with students and help them to be better and smarter learners. This course is Guided by a Real-Time ALS Certified Online Teacher who will be guiding students during the Live Online Session. Participants will be shown the methods to apply during the session and provide immediate feedback to their teacher.

Watch A Short Video Introduction


It's Not What You Learn, But How You Learn!

Let us share with you a short video about Annie and Mona on the Secret Of Learning

What will you learn?

Master the Advanced Learning Strategies to become a Super Learner. 

Utilise over 20 types of different strategies to change your way of learning.

Discover the secret of examination and how you can tap into it to enjoy your examination!

Usage whole brain for your learning to ensure higher adsorption of learning materials.

Be in tip-top learning condition anytime you want.

Attain powerful methods when taking or making notes.

Develop your own routine study timetable on your own.

Take advantage of Special Audio CD to help you learn better.

Relax your mind anytime you want.

What Participants Say about our course:

Esyuen | 12 years old

I find out that we can remember many things and how to recall. I like this e-course because I can relearn again.

Vishnu | 10 years old

I learnt the brain memory chart. I like this e-course because I can learn at home.

WFeng | 10 years old

Now I know how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because it’s easy to use.

YXuan | 10 years old

I learnt how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because I can use anytime.

SYi | 9 years old

I find out brain chart for memory accordingly. I like this e-course because it’s easy and effective.

Nathan | 10 years old

I find out how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because I can watch the video again

Rachel | 15 years old

I have learned about how to handle stress before examinations and some useful techniques to prepare for examination. For example, preparing timetable for revision. I like how they explain the whole course and the slides are very interesting for students.

Learning Outcome :

  • Recall easily during an examination
  • Reduce examination stress
  • Be in tip-top learning condition anytime you want
  • Be motivated to study on your own
  • Able to produce your own notes
  • Take note effectively during a school lesson
  • Manage your own time
  • Save more time with the right learning methods
  • Relax your mind anytime you want
  • Enjoy your study time
  • And much more. 

Advanced Learning Strategies Online Course Curriculum


Participants must have computer/tablet/smartphone with broadband internet access.

Participants must be 7 years old and above.

Get ready pen/pencils before each session.

Before each lesson, if you have the course materials, get it ready. If you have the digital materials, print out the lesson activities.


Why choose us? We provide certified teachers teaching LIVE ONLINE where participants will be GUIDED by A REAL TEACHER who they can ask real time questions and get immediate answer to it. Participants will also be able to demonstrate what they have learn to their Live Online Teacher!

A FREE LESSON VIDEO For You To Be A Smarter Student. One of our course content. Actual ALS session is with a Real-Time teacher. Submit the form below!

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  • Introduction to Proven Brain Recall Systems
  • Find Out How Many Things Can You Remember
  • Brain Memory Chart
  • Human Recall Capabilities
  • Memory Retention Review Formula
  • Remembering Chart
  • NLP Eyes Movement Methods For Recall
  • Introduction to create conducive learning environment
  • How to create a home learning  environment
  • Introduction to Study Check List For Self Learning Preparation
  • Your Checklist
  • Introduction to Self Made Motivational Poster For Study
  • Create Your Own Motivational Poster
  • Prepare Your Mind And Body
  • What You Should Not Do Before Class Lectures
  • Attendance
  • Where To Sit and Why
  • Active Listening
  • Make Note
  • Introduction To Inspiring Methods To Handle Examination
  • Reduce Examination Stress
  • Examination Techniques
  • Introduction To Mind Exercise And Mandalas For Learning Enhancement
  • Brain Calm Exercises
  • Mandalas
  • Introduction To Effective Time Management Plans
  • Study Contract
  • Monthly Planner | Weekly Planner | Daily Planner
  • Introduction to Powerful Notes Taking and Notes Making Methods
  • Notes Taking & Notes Making
  • Imagery Map
  • Linear Notes
  • Vertical Notes
  • Introduction to Anchoring For Self Transformation
  • Anchor Yourself For Your Best Performance
  • Introduction to Relaxation Music For Study
  • Relaxation Learning Environment Audio Download

Materials delivery within Malaysia for Malaysian.

Digital Delivery + E-Learning Access For International Students.

Some of our certified online teachers. Join us and get a 'Real' teacher who can guide you to learn online

Remember, Don’t Waste Your Time Studying Using The Wrong Methods!

Throughout the years, thousands of students already benefited from our course. I am sure that Advanced Learning Strategies will be able to help participants to be a Super Learner who can learn better in all aspects in life. Learning will be more fun and fulfilling once you know the Secret of Learning.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Thomas Hooi | Founder of GeniusBrain 

Dr. Thomas Hooi | GeniusBrain Founder

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