Ages : 5 to 9

Supercharge Your Child Self-Esteem

Self-esteem development programme for preschooler and lower primary students.

GB Junior was developed by GeniusBrain R & D team in response to the request from many parents. GB Junior consists of 6 basic elements based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence. The GB Junior’s 6 elements are Metamorphose, Amity, Interpersonal, Parent-Child Link, Intrapersonal and Self-esteem.

Through these various activities that are systematically developed, students will be able to learn about friendship, to accept changes, learn how to respect other people’s feelings, evaluate their own feelings and create better relationships between children and their parents. This allow them to know themselves better and increase their self-esteem. An example of the “parent-child link activity”, is where the session requires the parents to list down their child’s hobbies, favourite colours, favourite cartoon characters, favourite food, favourite songs and etc. All this is done without referring to the child for any answers. The facilitator of the session will then read out child’s particular without mentioning the name of the child. If the related child did not raise his/her hand, the facilitator will ask them some questions and provide a feedback to their parents.

Generally, GB Junior is an essential program for all students. The learning system enable them to apply in their school subjects. Its just like to build a high rise building. Without the right foundation, the building cannot withhold its lasting. Today, students are under intense pressure due to the high demands from parents as well as the school authorities. Now is the best time to cure this situation. The solution is here! It may be too late when we as parents realize that our children are lacking in some areas of their lives. GB Junior is best suitable for young children, to shape them to become a positive individual. Higher SELF ESTEEM and SELF CONFIDENCE in children can be developed through a series of structured M.I. based activities.


Establish friendship

Control own emotions

Expand self-confidence

Impressive family relationship

Build powerful communication skills

Accept practical situations changes

Curriculum Details


  • For children age from 5 to 9

  • Basic communication skills

  • Able to spend 90 minutes per week / lesson

  • Course Duration is  12 months






Physical GBJ Lesson in Action Click to view!

GB Junior Self-Esteem Development Lesson in Action

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