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"Build a business that brings recurring income and gives you time for your family. Start small, automate, and set clear boundaries. Find out how."

We offer a range of pre-designed educational enrichment systems that can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals.

"Join the GeniusBrain family, unlock creativity, empower young minds, turn your passion into profit, and build a brighter future for education today with our comprehensive education licensing system!"


CRETS™ Programme Influences on Children’s Development

  • POSITIVE Learning Attitude
  • Attention span INCREASED
  • Acting more POSITIVELY
  • Willing to help friends
  • Pay attention and CONCENTRATE when doing task
  • INNOVATIVE when look for solution
  • RESOURCEFUL when giving ideas
  • Getting more CHEERFUL
  • Care of others
  • Stress-free and fun
  • Observation and memory skills improved.

The education licensing system provided by GeniusBrain is designed to help individuals start their own education business with the guidance and support of a reputable and successful education company. With the education licensing system, individuals can use GeniusBrain’s ready-made enrichment education system and tailor it to their own style and preferences.

The system is designed to unlock creativity and empower young minds by using whole brain learning from an early age. With this education licensing system, individuals can provide important services that develop and nurture a child’s learning potential. As a result, they can make a difference in education by helping children achieve academic success and personal growth.

By joining GeniusBrain’s education licensing system, individuals can build a brighter future for education and make a positive impact on society. The system provides a unique opportunity to combine passion with profit, and the support of a successful company with the freedom of running one’s own business.

Have Any Questions?


Some of the common questions asked by our clients.

The GeniusBrain Education Licensing system offers essential services for enhancing and cultivating a child’s potential for learning through whole brain education starting from an early age. You have the flexibility to establish your own learning center, or you can provide our educational enrichment program to existing educational institutions or kindergartens in your chosen exclusive area. You can start by securing the exclusive right to implement the system in other centers before launching your own. This way, you can gain valuable experience as you progress.

CRETS is suitable for 5 to 6 years old.

We offer a range of innovative business models that can be an enriching expansion opportunity for those who aspire to become their own boss, based on their current financial capacity.

GeniusBrain  uses  the  international  recognised  methods  for  Whole  Brain Development  and  learning strategies to help children to  develop  their hidden learning potentials, creativity and thinking skills. This distinctive approach, coupled with the company’s unique  accelerated  teaching  system  and  usage of subliminal technology, provide a unique  selling  proposition  to  GeniusBrain affiliates when  they approach potentials clients.

Upon finalizing the agreement with us, the GeniusBrain team will furnish the new business owner with a comprehensive business package that facilitates a quick start of their business. Essentially, everything required to initiate the business will be provided.

GeniusBrain offers a range of customizable business models that cater to the financial capabilities of clients, in order to support their personal and career growth requirements. Our learning system is presently available in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Russia, Cambodia, Oman, Bahrain and Singapore. We are proud winners of the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Award, as recognized by the esteemed Global Business Magazine in the Asia Pacific region.

You can use the language your clients preferred. Example like in Oman and Bahrain, we conduct our class using Arabic and English Language while in Russia, we use Russian language to conduct our class.

Our program is available globally, and if there is no existing Country Master Dealer in your region, you can apply for the role. Please note, we only appoint one Country Master Dealer for each of our GeniusBrain Enrichment Education Courses in each country.

Click the WhatsApp button to reach out to our dedicated GeniusBrain Team, who will provide you with further assistance.

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CRETS Biz https://geniusbrain.com/cretsbiz

If you are interested in our services and would like to learn more, click the WhatsApp button to request a free, fully-customizable quote for your preferred area, and chat with us. We offer exclusivity, and our business model operates on a first-come, first-served basis in your preferred location. Don’t wait, reach out to us as soon as possible. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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