Ages: 5-6

The Ultimate Brain Development Course For Pre-Schooler

Today’s job will not be available in the future. The ability to adapt, adopt and change is crucial to the success for our children's life. Prepare them now. Let Thinking & Creativity to be a part of their life since young!

5 to 6 Years Old

Creativity and Thinking Skills Designed For Pre-Schooler To Enable Them To Have Fun and Learn How To Think Using GeniusBrain’s Proven Thinking Keys!

Brain Research by Dr George Land and Beth Jarma on Creativity

A test that Land and Jarman created for NASA was simple and could be applied to any age group. Hence, they decided to measure the progress of 1600 children between the ages of 4 and five.
98% of the 1600 children scored genius level! In 5 years time, they give the same group of children the same test again but it declined to just 30% only, a 68% reduction. 5 years later, by now all the children are in high school, they run the same test again, but now, only 12% of them scored the genius level!
Land then conduct this same test on adults with an average age of 31 and found out less than 2% of all adults scored at genius level. 

The results shows that the older we are, the less creative we are. That is why see that when a young child learn a new language, they learn it faster than an adult. The good news is Creativity can be nurtured. By giving children the right brain simulation, they can maintain their creativity and solve problems from different perspective

FOUNDATION | Capture and remember colours of the object. To capture numbers in their right order through photographic memory skills. To capture pictures and numbers in the correct order.
BASIC | To identify and spot the differences. To capture the image and recall correctly. To capture the picture and spot the correct one. To capture images fast and able to recall correctly in sequence.
INTERMEDIATE | Capture the different parts of colours and recall correctly. Remember people and their names and recall correctly. Practice listening and spot the right picture. Able to capture all the pictures flashed by listening a short story and recall it.
HIGHER | Capture the highlighted area and able to recall. To be able to capture selected pictures-words and recall in order. To be able to capture and recall pictures in order



Increase Memory Power

Increase Whole Brain Activities

Perfecting observation skills

Strengthens Neural Pathway

Heightened communication between conscious and subconscious

Enrich photographic memory abilities

Improve creativity

Brain hemispheric balancing

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. Stem Education is a term initiated by the National Science Foundation.

From birth to age 5, it’s been accepted as the critical point in neurological or brain development. In the earliest years, infants and toddlers develop 700 neural connections every second. Research has shown that the drive to explore and interact begins in early childhood. Long before primary or secondary school. Children are born curious about their surroundings and like to try out new things. The habit of questioning and desire to try out new things will lay a solid foundation for their curiosity throughout their life to perform better. Their brain is always full of questions and information hungry.  We transform young minds to become innovators of tomorrow by enabling learning by thinking, using creative methods. This moves will prepare CRETS participants to continue their passion for stem education as they progress further in their studies towards primary school.

How are CRETS connected with stem? GeniusBrain CRETS invoke creativity and curiosity. In CRETS lesson plans, students are encouraged to be creative and contribute ideas to solve simple problems. They are also encouraged to give their ideas and opinion by having various thinking keys to stimulate their thinking capabilities. GeniusBrain CRETS is laying the foundation for the participants’ mind to inquire more in their learning process. And this progression will lead participants to develop their interest in stem education. Example of GeniusBrain CRETS themes like Symmetry Matching, Sequential Recognition, Visual Perception and Memory Retention are some of the criteria for students to be successful in stem education during their primary school.

Latest New Themes in CRETS 2021 Version based on STEM foundation

Curriculum Details - Click The Titles Below For Info

Whole Brain Learning
12 Thinking Keys
Monthly Assessment







Actual CRETS Class | Click For A Short Video

Lesson in Action

I noticed that students are acting more positively towards classroom learning after participating in the CRETS program. One of my students who is always day dreaming and quiet totally transformed into a more open person. He is now communicating with the others and responding very well in class. The students are also very alert in class these days.
Ms. Chandra
Teacher of Taska Evershine Child Centre
I plan to make CRETS a compulsory syllabus at my kindergarten starting from next year because the students are showing very convincing improvements. They are more disciplined now compared to before and they learned to respect the teacher and respect the environment of the class which they are supposed to learn in a proper manner and attitude. All the students are very happy during CRETS lessons because it is stress free and fun.
Pn. Aziah
Principal of Tadika Alam Didikan Insan
At the beginning of the CRETS program, it went a bit off the hook because the children were not behaving in class. Subsequently, I was quite surprised to see all of them trying their very best to complete the given tasks without giving in to any distractions. The children who were throwing tantrums all of a sudden joined in and raising their hands up to answer questions as the lesson went on. I discovered that this program actually helped the children more than what was expected. They are very alert nowadays towards lessons and they pay full attention in class. Their motor skills have also enhanced. I feel nothing but thankful to have this program in my kinder because of the gradual development of these children.
Ms. Mun
Principal of Tadika Adik Bistharri
I am very happy with my child’s improvement in positive attitudes and learning abilities which he portrays in his daily life. He was a very shy boy and I remembered him crying during his first day attending CRETS. Later on, he became more excited and looks forward to attend the class. I also find him being more confident of himself. I look forward for further improvements and progress of my son holistically, thanks to GENIUSBRAIN.
Parent of CRETS student
Tadika Alam Didikan Insan
I signed up my daughter for CRETS and I am very pleased to see improvements in her observation and memory skills. She always talks about the lessons when she gets home merrily and she speaks very confidently now. I would definitely sign up CRETS for my younger kids too if it is still available in the kindergarten. I am also very interested to know more about GENIUSBRAIN programs and would love for my children to join in.
Parent of CRETS student
Taska Evershine Child Centre
My grandson was a very shy boy. He seldom talked to any of his friends because he has a very low self-esteem.  He was very afraid of attending school and could hardly understand lessons in class. After a month of attending CRETS, he is now a new person. He finally has his chin up high and giving his opinions without fear. I was very surprised to see him understand what the facilitator was talking about because before this he gives no response to any English verbs.  He also looks forward to attend school. He also pays attention in class and participates well according to his teachers.
Grandparent of CRETS student
Taska Evershine Child Centre

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