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Do you have years of experience in your field of expertise? Would you like to turn that into a professional course? Now you can! Turn your years of knowledge into a college-endorsed course. Venture into a training business with your existing skills! We will GUIDE and SHOW you how!

Now you can create your own course based on your own experiences! 根据自己的经验创建自己的课程!

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Is your company QUALIFY to train others so you can expand your business into providing professional training courses? If yes, how? Find out more by filling out the Inquiry Form Below.


Music | Bakery | Facial | Yoga | Arts | Make-Up | Beauty Line | Health Supplements | Dances | Management | Creativity | Administration | Teaching | Singing etc. ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all courses can be certified. We will advise you on the course contents and the best way to submit your course for successful approval.

We charge a nominal fee for the service. If the application is not approved, you will gain back your full application fees.

You can conduct your course in the language of your preference. But the course contents must be the same as the one approved earlier. 

Fill up the inquiry form below with the VIP access code (if you have). Our company personnel will contact you soon. Or you can WhatsApp directly to us.

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