AGE: 5-6 Years Old

Brain Development Course For Young Children

Unleash the Power of AI With Thinking Power. GeniusBrain CRETS | ‘Connecting Minds, Inspiring Thinking’

A student who has developed strong thinking skills and acquired the ability to think critically and creatively will be well-prepared to excel in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI relies on problem-solving, pattern recognition, and innovation, and these cognitive abilities are enhanced by a strong thinking foundation.

Di era Artificial Intelligence (AI), pemikiran kreatif adalah satu-satunya yang tidak dapat digantikan.

A.I.智能过剩的年代, 创意思考唯一不能取代

思考力で AI の力を解き放ちます

The Thinking Course

5 & 6 Years Old

Creativity and thinking skills designed for pre-schoolers so they can have fun and learn how to think using proven thinking keys!

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Brain Research on Creativity by Dr. George Land and Beth Jarma.

The simple test created by Land and Jarman for NASA can be applied to individuals of any age, leading them to measure the progress of 1,600 children aged 4 to 5. An astonishing 98% of the children were considered geniuses based on the results. However, 5 years later when the same test was administered to the same group of children, the percentage of geniuses dropped significantly to only 30%. Today, as the kids are in high school, only 12% of them were found to have reached the genius level once again when tested.

When Rand conducted the same test on adults with an average age of 31, he found that only a small percentage, less than 2%, were considered geniuses.

It has been discovered that as we age, our creativity decreases. This is why young children learn new languages more quickly than adults. The good news is that creativity can be nurtured. By exposing children to various brain simulations, their creativity can be sustained and they can develop different perspectives when approaching problems.

FOUNDATION | Capture and remember the color of an object. Capture the numbers in the correct order with photographic memory skills. Capture and number them in the correct order.

BASIC | Identify and spot differences. To capture the image and recall it correctly. To capture a picture and find the right one. Images are captured quickly and sequenced correctly.

INTERMEDIATE | Capture different parts of the color and recall it correctly. Remember people and their names, and recall correctly. Practice listening and finding the right picture. Being able to capture all the flashed photos and recall it by listening to a short story.

HIGHER | Capture highlighted areas and be able to call out. To be able to capture selected picture words and recall them in sequence. To be able to capture and recall pictures sequentially.


Increase Memory

Heightened communication between conscious and subconscious

Whole Brain Exercise

Enrich photographic memory abilities

Perfecting Observation skills

Improve creativity

Strengthen Neural Pathway

Brain hemispheric balancing


STEM stands for the acronym of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is a term initiated by the National Science Foundation in the United States.

From birth to 5 years old, it is considered a key point for neural or brain development. During the earliest years, infants develop 700 neural connections per second. Research shows that the drive for exploration and interaction begins in childhood, even before elementary or middle school. Children are naturally curious about their surroundings and enjoy trying new things. The habit of questioning and craving to try new things will provide them a better foundation for their lifelong curiosity, and they will perform better. Their brains are always full of questions and hungry for information. By thinking and learning through creative methods, we turn young minds into tomorrow’s innovators. This will keep CRETS participants engaged in STEM education as they continue their elementary school studies.

How is CRETS connected to STEM? GeniusBrain CRETS stimulates creativity and curiosity. In CRETS curriculum, students are encouraged to exercise their creativity and contribute to solving simple problems. They are also encouraged to express their ideas and opinions through various modes of thinking, to stimulate their cognitive abilities. GeniusBrain CRETS lays the foundation for participants to ask more questions in their learning process. And this progression will result in the participants developing an interest in STEM education. GeniusBrain CRETS themes such as symmetry matching, sequence recognition, visual perception, and memory retention serve as examples of some of the standards for students to successfully engage in STEM education in the elementary school stage.

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Whole Brain Learning
12 Thinking Keys
Monthly Assessment







Actual Class In Progress

Actual CRETS Session

"I've noticed a significant change in the students' attitudes towards classroom learning after participating in the CRETS program. One of my students, who used to daydream and was quiet, has transformed into a more open person. They are now engaging in conversations with others and actively participating in class. These days, the students are also much more alert in the classroom."
Ms. Chandra
Taska Evershine | Teacher
"I plan to make CRETS a mandatory course in my kindergarten starting next year, as I've been thoroughly impressed with the students' progress. They are now more disciplined compared to before and have learned to respect their teachers and the classroom environment in which they should learn in an appropriate manner and attitude. All students are thrilled with the CRETS course as it is both relaxed and enjoyable."
Pn. Aziah
Tadika Alam Didikan Insan | Principal
"When the CRETS program first started, it was off to a rough start due to the children's poor performance in class. But to my surprise, they all worked hard to complete the given tasks without distractions. As the course progressed, the children who were previously prone to temper tantrums joined in, raising their hands to answer questions. I found that the program actually helped the children beyond what was expected. Nowadays, they are alert in class and fully engaged. Their motor skills have also improved. I am happy to incorporate this program in my peers as I see these children gradually grow."
Ms. Mun
Tadika Adik Bisthari | Principal
I am extremely satisfied with the positive attitude and improvement in learning abilities that my child has shown in his daily life. He was a very shy boy and I remember him crying on the first day of participating in CRETS. Later on, he became more excited and looked forward to attending class. I also noticed an increase in his confidence. Thanks to GENIUSBRAIN, I am eagerly anticipating my son's overall progress and advancement.
Tadika Alam Didikan Insan
I enrolled my daughter in the CRETS course and I am happy to see the improvement that has made me eager to learn more about the GENIUSBRAIN program and hope that my child can join in.
Taska Evershine Child Centre
My grandson was a very shy boy. He talked to very few friends because of his low self-esteem. He was extremely scared of going to school and could hardly understand what was being taught in the class. After a month of attending CRETS, he is now a different person. He finally lifted his head and spoke without fear. He also looks forward to going to school. He pays attention to the class teachings and participates well based on his teacher's performance.
Taska Evershine Child Centre



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