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With GeniusBrain proven Education Hybrid Business Model, now your dream of having your own education based business will be realised! 


No Experience Needed! Be in education business for yourself, not by yourself!

Now you can be in Education Business like never before! No more monthly fixed cost! Too good to be true? Read on!

Ever dreamed of owning your own Education Business? Or diversify your business to include education business in your business portfolio? If you are, we have a PROVEN SYSTEM for you. We changed the traditional Education Franchise business model into the 21st Century Hybrid Business Model. From the traditional Franchise model of Business to Consumer to become Business to Business model! No teaching experience needed. Be in education business for yourself, not by yourself!

GeniusBrain System offers you an opportunity to contribute and serve our society to meet their goals in terms of academic excellence. Tremendously, you will enjoy the satisfaction in our quest of excellence, also proudly be recognized as a pioneer in this education field.

We have unique combination of early education in package  type  which creates a niche market in this industry.

What makes GeniusBrain Centres among the leading supplemental education system? Unique, proven teaching methods, unsurpassed training and support, proprietary programs and dedicated individuals make us a winning combination.  At GeniusBrain Centres, we believe that education is the key to the future. We know how important it is for children to live up to their potential! The world is changing rapidly and our children must be able to meet the challenges that the future will bring. Now, with changing technologies, our children must have the problem-solving skills for many different opportunities. When students attend GeniusBrain Centre, they not only learn skills, they learn how to learn!

Have Any Questions?


Some of the common questions asked by our clients.

GeniusBrain Education Licensing system provides important services to develop and nurture a child’s learning potential through whole brain learning from early age. You can have the option to set up your own learning centre or provide our  enrichment  education  to  existing  education  establishment or kindergarten at your selected exclusive areas. You can begin with having the exclusive right to conduct the system in other people centre/s before starting your own centre. Along the way, you gained more experience. 

From pre-school to students of 18 years old.

We have various innovative business models. It will prove to be a rewarding  expansion move for anyone are interested to be their own boss based on their current financing capabilities.

GeniusBrain  uses  the  international  recognised  methods  for  Whole  Brain Development  and  learning strategies to help children to  develop  their hidden learning potentials, creativity and thinking skills. This distinctive approach, coupled with the company’s unique  accelerated  teaching  system  and  usage of subliminal technology, provide a unique  selling  proposition  to  GeniusBrain affiliates when  they approach potentials clients.

Once you formalised the agreement with us,  GeniusBrain team will provide the comprehensive business package  that will enable New Business Owner to kick  start  their  new  business almost  immediately.  Basically,  everything you need to start up the business is provided.

GeniusBrain provides various business model tailor made to client’s financial standing  for  their  personal and career growth needs. GeniusBrain is  the Winner for Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Award by Global Business Magazine,  a  leading business magazine in Asia Pacific. Our learning system is currently available in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Russia, Cambodia, Oman, Bahrain and Singapore.

You can use the language your clients preferred. Example like in Oman and Bahrain, we conduct our class using Arabic and English Language while in Russia, we use Russian language to conduct our class.

Basically, anywhere in the world! If your country does not have any Country Master Dealer yet, you can apply for it! We only allow each country to have one Country Master Dealer for each of GeniusBrain Enrichment Education Course. 

You can WhatsApp to us by clicking the WhatsApp button. Our dedicated GeniusBrain Team will assist you further. 

GeniusBrain Country Master Dealership with Cambodia

Click Below To WhatsApp Us. All Inquiry Welcome.

Welcome to discuss with us and find out how you can easily be in Education business. Our system is ready for your perusal. And our team is ready to assist you. 

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