Now is the time to be a GeniusBrain Certified Online Coach. TEACH ONLINE & EARN ONLINE from the comfort of your home with GeniusBrain ALS Online Coaching Business Start-Up Package.

Extra Monthly Income

Teach From Home

Part or Full Time

Borderless Clients

Be In Education Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself

FIND OUT BELOW: 1. How to earn up to $ 300/hour? 2. If you have no teaching experience, can you sign up for the Coaching Programme? How much do you need to pay? 3. What will you get if you Enrol in GeniusBrain Online Coaching Package?

Find out why GeniusBrain Coaching System is the right system for you to teach your students from anywhere in the world. Why should you teach for others if you can teach for yourself with the support from GeniusBrain International?

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hooi | Founder Of GeniusBrain International

How To Earn $300 per hour by Teaching Online? A 4 minutes direct to the point Quick Explanation.

Who Should Sign Up?
I Have No Teaching Experience. Can I teach?
How Much I Need To Pay?

What Will I Get If I Sign Up For The Online Coach Package?


  1. Have a minimum of High School Certificate or Diploma in any field.
  2. Must have high speed online access.
  3. Passion to teach.
  4. Willing to learn new things.
  5. Subscribe and purchase the Coaching system. 

Watch a Short Video of Our Course Introduction

What Will You Be Learning?

We will TRAIN you to be a Professional Coach for The GeniusBrain Study Methods.

Your Student’s Age Group:  7 years old to 18 years old.

Language to use: Any language which you are familiar with. (English, Mandarin, Malay, Khmer, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Tagalog etc.)

Get all the benefits below when you purchase GeniusBrain Online Coaching Package during this promotional period.

Access All Lessons Online

Access to all the lesson online.

LIVE Training

Coaching session (e-learning, Zoom live online teaching)

Digital Leaflets

Customised Digital Leaflet.

Teaching Materials

One set of coaching materials

Student's Sets

We help you to courier directly to your student's location within Malaysia.

Supporting Webinar

Access to our online webinar and refresh your lesson from time to time.


A Certificate of Achievement for participants who are certified to teach Students Online.


Coach a total of 24 Lessons over a span of 5 months.


Guidance on how to market your Coaching service online

Ready Made Marketing Video

Ready made marketing video to help you get more students.

Live Consultation via Zoom

Business consultation via apps or Zoom ‘live’ face to face video conferencing.

Certified Coaches Webpage

Certified Coach's Picture will be uploaded in GeniusBrain Information Webpage


Certified coaches are eligible to go for University certification by joining advance coaching session.


Reach out to your potentials students by having others market your course for you!


Whenever we have any future update, you will be the first to know. And the update is Free of Charge for all ALS certified coach.


An Online link with your details which you can share with prospective clients.


Students can join you from anywhere in the world.

More Benefits

Check out for more benefits coming your way.

Course Summary:

ALS Coaching System is a Course in which a teacher will coach their students for a duration of 5 months. During these 5 months, students will be able to learn how to better themselves in their study using PROVEN GeniusBrain ALS Study Methods. Students will be transformed into better learners than before. They will be able to learn independently and organise their own learning timetable. No more fear of examination and they can easily recall lessons they learnt anytime they want. You can get the Comprehensive Full Course Details below.

ALS Full Course Details


Esyuen | 12 years old

I find out that we can remember many things and how to recall. I like this e-course because I can relearn again.

Vishnu | 10 years old

I learnt the brain memory chart. I like this e-course because I can learn at home.

WFeng | 10 years old

Now I know how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because it’s easy to use.

YXuan | 10 years old

I learnt how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because I can use anytime.

SYi | 9 years old

I find out brain chart for memory accordingly. I like this e-course because it’s easy and effective.

Nathan | 10 years old

I find out how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because I can watch the video again

Rachel | 15 years old

I have learned about how to handle stress before examinations and some useful techniques to prepare for examination. For example, preparing timetable for revision. I like how they explain the whole course and the slides are very interesting for students.

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Join Dozens of Our Coaches Today And Start Your Own Online Teaching Sessions And Start Making Money Online!

If you are interested to teach online with our system, kindly check with us the ALS Online Coaching Package Fees before you submit your Application Form below. Key in the Password Below To Access our Promotional Price for ALS Online Coaching Package fees. If you do not have the password yet, kindly WhatsApp to us from the WhatsApp Icon and will revert back to you. Happy Teaching! TEACH ONLINE, EARN ONLINE. * All applications are subjected to final approval by the company. 

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