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Welcome to ALS Online Coach - VIP Site

Thanks for your interest in becoming an ALS Online Coach where you will be able to earn more by Coaching more students to be better learners with GeniusBrain Advanced Learning Strategies (ALS) System. We provide you with the avenue to expand your Coaching to students from all over the world with our unique teaching system through our online learning system.


  1. Have a minimum of High School Certificate or Diploma in any field.
  2. Must have online access.
  3. Passion to teach.
  4. Willing to learn new things.
  5. Subscribe and purchase the Coaching system. 

Watch a Short Video of ALS Introduction


Access All Lessons Online

Access to all the lesson online.

ALS Coach Training

Coaching session (e-learning, Zoom live online teaching)

Digital Leaflets

Customised Digital Leaflet.

Coach Teaching Materials

One set of coaching materials

5 Students Set

We help you to courier directly to your students location within Malaysia.

Supporting Webinar

Access to our online webinar and refresh your lesson from time to time.


Certification for ALS Online Coach where successful participants can provide coaching to ALS Students Online.


Coach a total of 24 Lessons over a span of 5 months. 40 minutes per lesson.


Guidance on how to market your Coaching service online

Ready Made Marketing Video

We have ready made marketing video to help you get more students.

Live Consultation via Zoom

Business consultation via apps or Zoom ‘live’ face to face video conferencing.

Certified Coaches Webpage

Certified Coach Picture will be uploaded in GeniusBrain Information Webpage


With you coaching your students online, you can reach students to join you from anywhere in the world.

Students From Any Locations In Malaysia

Reach out to your potentials students anywhere in Malaysia!

Free Future Update

Whenever we have any future update, you will be the first to know. And the update is Free of Charge for all ALS certified coach.

What Course Will You Be Coaching?

We will TRAIN you to be a Professional Coach for The GeniusBrain Study Methods.

Age Group:  7 years old to 18 years old.

Language: You can coach your students in any language they are comfortable with.

Now, you Coach Students with the below problems:

  • Lack of focus and concentration.
  • Poor memory capabilities.
  • Unable to organized school notes effectively.
  • Poor time management plans.
  • Feeling pressurized during the examination.
  • Not motivated to study.
  • Do not know what to do in classroom.

Course Summary:

  • Powerful study techniques
  • Self-evaluation through study checklist
  • Effective examination techniques
  • Effective time management plans
  • Powerful notes taking & notes making methods
  • Whole brain learning methods
  • Recall methods


Click Titles Below For Full Course Details


Esyuen | 12 years old

I find out that we can remember many things and how to recall. I like this e-course because I can relearn again.

Vishnu | 10 years old

I learnt the brain memory chart. I like this e-course because I can learn at home.

WFeng | 10 years old

Now I know how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because it’s easy to use.

YXuan | 10 years old

I learnt how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because I can use anytime.

SYi | 9 years old

I find out brain chart for memory accordingly. I like this e-course because it’s easy and effective.

Nathan | 10 years old

I find out how many things I can remember. I like this e-course because I can watch the video again

Rachel | 15 years old

I have learned about how to handle stress before examinations and some useful techniques to prepare for examination. For example, preparing timetable for revision. I like how they explain the whole course and the slides are very interesting for students.

You are welcome to contact us and our staff will be able to furnish you with more information on the procedures and applicable fees, pricing and ROI.

Just click and WhatsApp to us and our team will assist you further. With the NEW GeniusBrain Online Coaching System, you will be able to have students from any locations in the world! 

*Application approval subject to the discretion of GeniuBrain Worldwide S/B. GeniusBrain reserves the right to reject any applicants who do not fulfil the application criteria.

Twenty Years In The Field Of Accelerated Learning

GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in the year 2004 (before that it was known as Edumaster Learning Technology since 1999). The company was founded by Dr. Thomas S.Y. Hooi, who is a trained and certified educationist. Since then, the company has expanded its business to Singapore, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Oman, Brunei, Cambodia and Russia. In 2018, he was conferred Professor of Education by Charisma University. 

The company’s corporate main office is located in Ipoh City, Malaysia. GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. is also a member of MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Agency) which is an agency under the Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

In the year 2010, the company was awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Excellent Brand Award by Global Business Magazine. The company business model was featured in Business Start Up Radio Talk by national business radio BFM 89.9. In 2012, our Company Founder, Dr. Hooi was given the honour to be The Advisor to the Board of Governor of Global Business Magazine award winning selection committee.

Dr. Hooi is currently served as a Director of GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia). In 2016, GeniusBrain Appointed Dr. Frances Tsakonas from United Kingdom to be a part of their advisory team for the international market.

GeniusBrain Worldwide is fully committed in its role to provide GeniusBrain Exclusive Children Enrichment Programmes to existing education establishment and aspiring entrepreneur who would like to set up centres to conduct GeniusBrain’s programmes. With the assistance of a group of innovative staff and curriculum developers, the company is now aiming to be the major contributor of enrichment education products and programmes for the Asia Pacific market.


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Watch the 40 minutes video and find out how you can make $ 300/hour with GeniusBrain ALS Coaching System. Presented by Dr. Thomas S.Y. Hooi

Dr. Thomas Hooi | Founder Of GeniusBrain International


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