BE part of the digital age in ONLINE COACHing. LEARN & EARN WITH A READY MADE SYSTEM!

The current Pandemic affected your live hood? Looking for alternatives source of income?
One of the solution is to provide your service online. And, if you sell products online, everyone else might be selling the same products at a lower price at the same platform!
What solution you have? Why not Brand yourself as a professional coach. How? Now, you have the opportunity to be a GeniusBrain International Certified Online Coach! Simple and you can start this new journey with us almost immediately. Learn more below!
“Education is helping the child realize his potentialities.”
Erich Fromm
1. WORLDWIDE students 2. Earn EXTRA 3. Work from HOME 4. RECURRING monthly income
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Brand Yourself
The World Is Your Market

Ever dreamed of starting your online coaching career? Where you can guide students from any part of the world? And you can do it full time or part time? If you have, we have a PROVEN SYSTEM for you. We changed the traditional Education Franchise business model into the 21st Century Hybrid Business Model. No teaching experience needed. We train you from scratch. Be in education coaching business for yourself, not by yourself!

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Since the year 1999, we have been assisting children to be better learners and better thinkers for a better world. Welcome to the World Of GeniusBrain, where together we can make the world a better place! Now, for qualified individual, you can be a part of this growing Online Coaching Industry. 

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No Experience Needed! Be a GeniusBrain Certified ALS Online Coach for yourself, not by yourself!



Join us for a Free 40 minutes Webinar with Dr. THOMAS HOOI | Founder of GeniusBrain International . When we LEARN more, we also EARN more!



Find out how you can conduct and recruit students from anywhere in world with GeniusBrain Advanced Learning Strategies Online Coaching System.


How do you Learn and Earn more by being an International Coach with GeniusBrain Advanced Learning Strategies Coaching System?

You are invited to join our exclusive Webinar with Dr. THOMAS HOOI, Founder of GeniusBrain International.

This 40 minutes Exclusive Webinar Is FREE.

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