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Now, you can help more individuals to benefit from our education package by being our Affiliate Team Member!

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Welcome to GeniusBrain VIP Team Affiliate's Information and Registration Page

Now, we provide business opportunity for individual to be affiliated with us.  We have a PROVEN SYSTEM for you to share out with your network of friends or associates. We changed the traditional Education Franchise business model into the 21st Century Online Business Model. Now, you can help your friends to earn more by introducing them to our business model. No teaching experience needed from the participants. Be in the education business for yourself, not by yourself!

GeniusBrain System offers opportunity for individual to contribute and serve our society to meet their goals in terms of academic excellence. Tremendously, our coaches will enjoy the satisfaction in their quest for excellence, also proudly be recognized as a pioneer in this education field.

We have a unique combination of the educational system in the package which creates a niche market in this industry.

What makes GeniusBrain Learning Methods  among the leading supplemental education system? Unique, proven teaching methods, unsurpassed training and support, proprietary programs and dedicated individuals make us a winning combination.  At GeniusBrain, we believe that education is the key to the future. We know how important it is for children to live up to their potential! The world is changing rapidly and our children must be able to meet the challenges that the future will bring. Now, with changing technologies, our children must have the problem-solving skills for many different opportunities. When students attend GeniusBrain Courses, they not only learn skills, they learn how to learn!

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Some of the common questions asked by our Business Affiliate Team.

You will need to have a network of people – FB, WhatsApp Groups and Friends, Telegram, Instagram, TikTok etc. The bigger your network is, the bigger is your market. 

Choose a product that you want to share/market out. Example like targeting people who want to teach, or targeting parents who are looking for enrichment courses for their children. Once we received your affiliate application, we will guide you on the various educational package which you can promote/market. You only need to share a link or information with your network of people. They can key in extra information provided ONLY by you. 

No capital is needed. We will bear the customization cost for all approved Business Affiliates.

Interested prospects from your network will login to the website and fill up a form if they are interested to have more information. Our team will follow up with them and let you know the progress.

We will allocate between 10% to 30% commission for each successful deal to you depending on the type of closing that you have performed. You can refer to official affiliation offer letter.   The more successful transaction from your network, the more remuneration you will have. You can make thousands per month just by sharing our link! 

GeniusBrain provides various business model tailor made to client’s financial standing  for  their  personal and career growth needs. GeniusBrain is  the Winner for Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Award by Global Business Magazine,  a  leading business magazine in Asia Pacific. Our learning system is currently available in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Russia, Cambodia, Oman, Bahrain and Singapore.

Fill up the form below or WhatsApp to us from this page website. Our team will guide you from there. If your application is successful, we will ready for you the related information which you can start sharing almost immediately. 

GeniusBrain Country Master Dealership with Cambodia

GeniusBrain Master Franchise Signing Ceremony in Phnom Penh. Dr. Thomas Hooi and Mr Bolene.

GeniusBrain Master Franchise Signing Ceremony in Ipoh, Malaysia for Russia, Dr. Thomas Hooi and Mr. Abdou Lakkis.

GeniusBrain Master Franchise training session in Ipoh, Malaysia.

A teachers training session with GeniusBrain Master Trainer, Ms Caroline

An online training session with trainees from outstation.

GeniusBrain Team in GeniusBrain Office @Ipoh.

Be our Business Affiliate and help more people.

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