AGE 9 - 18 YEARS

A good memory is the foundation of learning

Ah, mnemonic techniques! The ancient art of tricking your brain into remembering things by making them sound silly. It’s like having a personal stand-up comedian in your head, except instead of telling jokes, they’re helping you ace your exams.

You see, memorizing things can be tough. You’ve got dates, facts, formulas, and a whole bunch of other stuff to keep track of. But with mnemonic techniques, you can turn all that boring information into hilarious wordplay and silly images that your brain will never forget!

Learning Outcome

increase memory capacity

increase creativity

full brain learning

able to handle exams

Convert short-term memory to long-term memory

Super Memory Skills Course Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Simple yet powerful scientific method to increase user’s memory. Each of us has our own unique memory  preferences.

Once we get the technique right, it’s not hard to remember anything. This will be part of a balanced learning strategy that requires creativity, critical thinking and some hard work. The result is that you will have a powerful memory learning strategy!

Yes! Most memory gurus have learned their memory skills. Practice makes perfect. Since memory is a skill, it can be learned.

Research shows that we remember many of the things we really like. Topics that bore us, we will not pay attention to. With better memory, it boosts our self-confidence and causes our brains to expand accordingly.

First, it is a cost factor. Everyone learns differently. One memory technique does not fit all situations. Some universities and schools do teach mnemonics, but not in formal settings.

You can see results right away when you start a course. Gradually, you’ll see more visible results as you apply what you’ve learned. Your memory capacity will increase by 200% to 300% or more on the first day and steadily increase thereafter. Your mind will use new skills through our tried and tested system of guidance.

Our certified instructors will be able to guide you. Since it is a skills training, everything you learn will stay with you for a long time. Just like when you learn to ride a bike, once you learn the trick it stays with you for a long time

First, coding.
We consciously perceive sounds, images, bodily sensations or other sensory details.

Second, save.
The pieces of information are then stored in different areas of our brain. Our neurons send signals to each other about what we perceive.

Third, think back.
Our brains revisit previously formed neural pathways. Multiple storage methods will make it easier for us to recall details from storage. Proper storage methods will make the recall process much easier.

You can ask your course provider on the total duration of this course.

Super learning exercise.
Physically and mentally
Before and after memory exercise
Memory technology
Numbering technique
Acronym method
Application in school subjects
Humming Methods
Genius Imagi Techniques
Application of Genius Imagi in Science subjects.
Observation exercise
Application in school subjects

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