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Since the pandemic is happening around the world in 2020 until now, as a progressive company, GeniusBrain Team started to develop Online Courses and Beta tested them with students.

After various R&D sessions for the course and with the additional 3D animation explainer, in January 2021, we launched the new version of Advanced Learning Strategies Online Course. Students who are not able to attend an actual class or would like to learn at home will benefit from the course. 


GeniusBrain Panel of Advisors & International Business Associates


Professor Dr. Thomas Hooi

International Advisor

Dr. Frances Tsakonas

GeniusBrain's Moscow
Master Dealer

Ms. Galyna

GeniusBrain's PRITS Cambodia Master Dealer

Mr. Pech Bolen 

GeniusBrain's UK
Master Dealer

Ms. Zainab

GeniusBrain's Oman Master Dealer

Mdm. Nadia Dawood

GeniusBrain's Brunei Master Dealer

Mr. Suni

Master Trainer Team

GeniusBrain's Master Trainer

Mr. Chin Kang Wei

GeniusBrain's Russia Master Trainer

Mr. Sorokin Vladimir 

GeniusBrain's Cambodia PRITS Master Trainer

Ms. Samantha Lee

GeniusBrain's CRETS Trainer

Ms. Punitha

Administration / Support

Ms. Jessie Ha

Ms. Rosalind - KL

Sales and Marketing Team

Mr. Mike Chin

Ms. Jessie Tan

Mdm. Kim Chong

Dr. Hilter Yew

Affiliate Marketing Team

Ms. Ursula Ting Wei Chin

Ms. Regina Chong

Ms. Amy Chung

Ms. Suzanne Leong

GeniusBrain eCourse Consultant

Ms. Hii Kiew Ung

Mrs. Shafinaz


Ms. Tai Sire Yien

Ms. Regina Chong

Dr. Hilter Yew

Mr. Teh Boon Chuan

GeniusBrain ALS Authorised Dealer

Ms. Nichole Ng

Ms. Wendy Lau

Ms. Angle Phang

Ms. Elynn Hei

Ms. Sandy Ng

Mr. Jack Woo

GeniusBrain Certified Instructors

Ms. Bowie Yapp

Mr. Spencer Siew Yang Jen

Ms. Zulaikhaa

Ms. Raja Nur Dzhoriifah

Ms. Degtyareva Elena Vyacheslavovna

Mr. Gubarev Stepan Vladimirovich

Ms. Hii Kiew Ung

Ms. Jennifer Soo

Ms. Silvia Wong

Ms. Gau Wei Ni

Mrs. Shafinaz

Ms.Bindu Susan Mathew

Ms. Sharon Cheng

Ms. Ursula
Ting Wei Chin

Ms. Latifa Khaled Daer

Ms. Fatema Mansoori

Ms.Jaclyn Poong

Ms. Amy Chung

Ms. Rohaida

Ms. Wendy

Ms. Wong Lee Chi

Ms.Simonne Yeo

Ms. Chen Lee Yee

Ms. Zainab Taqi

Ms. Tai Sire Yien

Ms. Shainty Raimond

Ms. Lim Ming Fong

Ms. Frances Wong

Ms. Chin Sim Le

Ms. Then Siaw Kang

Ms. Yip Chai Yin

Ms. Tan Poi San

Ms. Sim Lay Hoon

Mr. Leong Kok Wah

Ms. Leong Chiew Yet

Ms. Lee Le Lin

Mr. Dylan
Sii Wen Kang

Ms. Ang Hooi Kheng

Ms. Prema

Ms. Jasmine Seow

Mdm. V. K. Padmini

Ms. Yann
Lee Yin Theng

Pn. Rafidah

Pn. Saniah

Ms. Diana Choy

Ms. Stephanie Hor

Pn. Rokiah

Ms. Cynthia Ong

Ms. Aileen Hoe

Ms. Y. H. Seow

Ms. Joanne M. Y. Tan

Mr. H. P. Chee

Mr. Lee Man Jim

Mr. Eric Choong

Mr. Prem

Ms. Zhong Xue Ru

Ms. Cecilia

Mr. Lerence bin Dustin

Mr. Kow Cheng Tek

Twenty Years In The Field Of Accelerated Learning

GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in the year 2004 (before that it was known as Edumaster Learning Technology since 1999). The company was founded by Dr. Thomas S.Y. Hooi, who is a trained and certified educationist. Since then, the company has expanded its business to Singapore, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Oman, Brunei, Cambodia and Russia. In 2018, he was conferred Professor of Education by Charisma University. 

The company’s corporate main office is located in Ipoh City, Malaysia. GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. is also a member of MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Agency) which is an agency under the Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

In the year 2010, the company was awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Excellent Brand Award by Global Business Magazine. The company business model was featured in Business Start Up Radio Talk by national business radio BFM 89.9. In 2012, our Company Founder, Dr. Hooi was given the honour to be The Advisor to the Board of Governor of Global Business Magazine award winning selection committee.

Dr. Hooi is currently served as a Director of GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia). In 2016, GeniusBrain Appointed Dr. Frances Tsakonas from United Kingdom to be a part of their advisory team for the international market.

GeniusBrain Worldwide is fully committed in its role to provide GeniusBrain Exclusive Children Enrichment Programmes to existing education establishment and aspiring entrepreneur who would like to set up centres to conduct GeniusBrain’s programmes. With the assistance of a group of innovative staff and curriculum developers, the company is now aiming to be the major contributor of enrichment education products and programmes for the Asia Pacific market.

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