In the AI era, students need strong thinking skills to navigate the complexities of this technological landscape. Critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, ethical considerations, and effective collaboration are all essential. These skills enable students to evaluate information, find creative solutions, adapt to changing environments, make responsible choices, and work effectively with AI systems. Developing strong thinking skills empowers students to thrive in the AI-driven world and make a positive impact on society. 

igniting children's potential since 1999

GeniusBrain, a company that has been providing thinking courses for the past 20 years, is well-positioned to help students develop essential thinking skills in the AI era. We aim to empower students with the skills necessary to navigate complex information and make informed decisions. Students can enhance their thinking abilities and be better prepared to succeed in the AI-driven world.


Brain intelligence courses for students aged 5 to 18 aim to develop cognitive skills, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence through personalized instruction, and learning strategies


Creativity courses help students develop innovative problem-solving skills, adaptability, effective communication, and emotional intelligence, providing them with a competitive edge and enhancing their success in the working world. For 18 years old and above.


Dear Teachers, on behalf of my daughter Tan Hui Ni, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers. I feel proud enrolling my daughter here to study, because she is getting better since she joined the GB Junior class, which is to get her to be more independent, more creative and getting involved with team works as well. Mrs. Tan.

My son improved so much in his studies that he is now getting more than 90% marks in most of his school subjects. The last time, his teacher informed me that my son was unable to complete his examination papers. I was asked to give more attention to him. Then one day a friend of mine told me about GeniusBrain. I gave it a try. So far, the results were good and I am very satisfied with his performance. He can read so fast that I doubted his comprehension so I tested him out. I was fascinated that he was able to tell me what he read. He even taught his younger brother how to use GeniusNotes to remember subjects that I have been trying so hard to teach! – Testimonial from Mrs. Leong | son attended Super Learning.

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