PRiTS stands for Primary Thinking Skills that are designed for primary school going children from the age of 7 to 12 years old. Participants from each session can be of the combination of Primary 1 to Primary 6 students. Each PRiTS session last for 90 minutes ( 1.5 hours) and can have a participation not more than 35 students. More students will enable discussion session to be more active and additional ideas can be generated and to be shared or learnt.

WHAT IS PRITS? Objective : Develop Children’s Thinking Skills Session : Only 90 minutes/week Languages : Your child preferred language for primary school-going children Each PRiTS lesson is divided into 3 areas : 12 THINKING KEYS

Each session, participants will be introduced to a thinking key. The thinking keys are as listed below:

Analytic Key Variation Key Scenario Key What If Key Ridiculous Key Different Uses Key Emotion Action Key Alternative Key Combination Key Brainstorming Key Reverse Key Interpretation Key

The 12 thinking keys are inter-related to enable participants to interpret various conditions differently. They will learn that different people will see the same thing, but with different meaning.

Research has shown that by working on IQ thinking questions, it can raise a person’s IQ level. In another word, by practising IQ test, participants may have the chances to increase their IQ Score.

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