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When we are born, the usage of our left and right brain is balance. This means that we fully utilise our whole brain during our learning time. This is one of the reasons why during pre-school days, students can perform multi-tasking and learn at a rapid speed. In pre-school, they are given ample opportunities to use their whole brain to develop themselves through various ‘happy’ and non-stress activities. These scenarios changes once a child enters primary school. Primary school curriculum emphasise more on left brain development through language and mathematic development. In Asia countries, we can see the lack of development in terms of creativity and art lessons. Priority is more on academic performance where the results can be measured empirically whence creativity and artistic results are harder to be evaluated. With the implementation of GeniusBrain’s CRETS in kindergartens/centres, we believe that through our various innovative structured lesson plans and activities, we will be able to provide our next generation with a gift that will last a long time in life.

Let our children innovate and create a better future that belongs to them. The world is changing. Whatever industries that exist today may no longer be here in years to come. Let’s equip our next generation with CRETS so that they have that ‘little’ advantage to perform better in their life.

BENEFITS to children Why parents choose CRETS ?

Ms. Caroline K.S., CRETS’s facilitator

Without a doubt, CRETS has helped improve students in so many ways. For the initial few weeks of conducting CRETS program in preschools, students were very reluctant to follow instructions. Within 20 minutes of the lesson, students will start moving around and their attention will be placed elsewhere.  After a few more lessons, I find that the students are more alert visually and auditorily. The accuracy of CRETS test answers has also improved gradually. Their attention span increased tremendously too. They are able to follow instructions obediently and pay full attention during classes.

Moreover, students gained a lot of confidence and became more cooperative to participate in all the tasks assigned to them during CRETS lessons. Students also volunteer to demonstrate on eye and finger exercises! They are surprisingly very outspoken after around 6 weeks of ongoing CRETS compared to the first few weeks. Even students who never talk and always isolate themselves in class became very bold and cooperative during lessons.

Ms. Chandra, Teacher @ Taska Evershine Child Centre

I noticed that students are acting more positively towards classroom learning after participating in the CRETS program. One of my students who is always day dreaming and quiet totally transformed into a more open person. He is now communicating with the others and responding very well in class. The students are also very alert in class these days.

Parent of CRETS student @ Tadika Alam Didikan Insan

I am very happy with my child’s improvement in positive attitudes and learning abilities which he portrays in his daily life. He was a very shy boy and I remembered him crying during his first day attending CRETS. Later on, he became more excited and looks forward to attend the class. I also find him being more confident of himself. I look forward for further improvements and progress of my son holistically, thanks to GENIUSBRAIN.

Pn. Aziah, Principal of Tadika Alam Didikan Insan

I plan to make CRETS a compulsory syllabus at my kindergarten starting from next year because the students are showing very convincing improvements. They are more disciplined now compared to before and they learned to respect the teacher and respect the environment of the class which they are supposed to learn in a proper manner and attitude. All the students are very happy during CRETS lessons because it is stress free and fun.

Pn. Sanniah, Principal of Pusat Perkembangan MInda Insan Cemerlang

Our enrichment centre has been having Photographic Memory as part of our program since year 2010. I can see that students who took up the program have better Memory skills compared to those who did not. The best part is, it helps students to improve academically. From year 2014 onwards, Photographic Memory has become a compulsory subject in our preschool program. I hope this program will enhance students’ memory skills and will help these children not only in preschool but also in years to come. Thank you, GENIUSBRAIN for coming up with this brainy program. I am very glad that I got to know of this program years ago, if not I would have missed out years of benefits. I will definitely recommend other preschools, enrichment centres and play schools to have this program as part of their syllabus.

Mdm. Ong Lean Lee, Principal of Taska Evershine Child Centre

Here at Evershine, we have two classes of students attending CRETS, one consisting of four year olds and the other of five and six year olds combined. Students from the younger classes are now very confident compared to before. They would be very happy when it is time for CRETS program to go on. These children became more obedient as well. As for the older class, students turned more confident and showed positive attitude even though they make mistakes. They learnt that it is alright to make mistakes as they were confident of their answers given during CRETS tests. They love the class very much and always looking forward for the day to come each week. I am very happy of the outcome of CRETS. Hopefully, this program may help even more children out there in terms of confidence boosting.

Ms. Mun, Principal of Tadika Adik Bistharri

At the beginning of the CRETS program, it went a bit off the hook because the children were not behaving in class. Subsequently, I was quite surprised to see all of them trying their very best to complete the given tasks without giving in to any distractions. The children who were throwing tantrums all of a sudden joined in and raising their hands up to answer questions as the lesson went on. I discovered that this program actually helped the children more than what was expected. They are very alert nowadays towards lessons and they pay full attention in class. Their motor skills have also enhanced. I feel nothing but thankful to have this program in my kinder because of the gradual development of these children.

Ms. Maheswary, Teacher @ Taska Evershine Child Centre

I missed out on the first few lessons of CRETS program and only followed up later on. I was very amazed to see all the toddlers participating well in the hand movement and eye exercise and paying attention to the facilitator speaking in front! They acted totally different in normal classes at the beginning of the year. This explained a lot in the behavioral changes of them in class lately as they became more obedient. They are able to pay more attention now. I am very proud of them because they were also able to open up stickers all by themselves and they never give up until they succeed. They will become very gleeful to see the facilitator walk in the classroom and will

always give her hugs before she leaves. It is nice to see them improve mentally.

Parent of CRETS student @ Taska Evershine Child Centre

I signed up my daughter for CRETS and I am very pleased to see improvements in her observation and memory skills. She always talks about the lessons when she gets home merrily and she speaks very confidently now. I would definitely sign up CRETS for my younger kids too if it is still available in the kindergarten. I am also very interested to know more about GENIUSBRAIN programs and would love for my children to join in.

Grandparent of CRETS student @ Taska Evershine Child Centre

My grandson was a very shy boy. He seldom talked to any of his friends because he has a very low self-esteem.  He was very afraid of attending school and could hardly understand lessons in class. After a month of attending CRETS, he is now a new person. He finally has his chin up high and giving his opinions without fear. I was very surprised to see him understand what the facilitator was talking about because before this he gives no response to any English verbs.  He also looks forward to attend school. He also pays attention in class and participates well according to his teachers. I would cancel my hospital appointments just so that he would attend CRETS lessons!

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