CRETS stands for Creative Thinking Simulation. The concepts are adopted from various methods in learning worldwide that includes photographic memory, whole brain developments, thinking methods and various methodologies in helping kids to be more innovative. With the implementation of GeniusBrain’s CRETS in kindergartens/education/learning centres, we believe that through our various innovative structured lesson plans and activities, we will be able to provide our next generation with a gift that will last a long time in their lives.

Let our children innovate and create a better future that belongs to them. The world is changing. Whatever industries that exist today may no longer be here in years to come. Let’s equip our next generation with CRETS so they have that ‘little’ advantage to perform better in life.




 Introducing CRETS 2015 | For Kindergartens


I have completed GeniusBrain Super Learning Programmes. From this programme, I learnt a lot, such as ‘Better Memory’, ‘Better in Mathematic (less careless mistakes)’, ‘Speed Reading’ and more confident during presentation (especially on stage). Thank you so much for this programme.                Tham Sheen-Ann.

Before I learn this programme, I was weak in memorising. But after I attended GeniusBrain Super Learning, I have improved in my studies and general knowledge. I got 5As (all mu subjects) for my UPSR!. Thank you GeniusBrain. Navynia Sharyn.

I gained a lot of  benefits like acquiring the skills to study and knowing how to face a problem when it occurs. It also empowers me to take action of my own education and achieving goal in life. Suet Mei.

I have improved my reading skills and my memory power. It provides benefits to me. I was also taught what to do before/during/after my examination. Nurzulaikha.


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Ignite Your Kids’s Learning Potentials with proven GeniusBrain Accelerated Learning Techniques

A super learning program that enhances participant’s learning potential, this program includes modules on mnemonic techniques (helps in memory retention), notes taking techniques (effective notes taking skills), examination techniques (reducing examination stress), speed reading (double the existing reading speed), thinking skill (problem solving abilities)…..

Introducing World Renowned Subliminal and Accelerated Learning Technology For Your Kids


21st Century GeniusBrain Structured Learning System and Thinking Course for your kids to SUCCESS in life. New abilities to think + wisdom. A whole NEW perspective!

Your kids having problems learning? To much to cope in school? Lack of memory skills? Examination stress?  Limited time  to study? No leadership skills?

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