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Discover  how  Accelerated  Learning  System  is  helping  (across  the  country   and
worldwide)  thousands  of  people  to  improve  their  teaching  lives.  This is done by
changing the way  they  teach  and  learn.  Have  you  ever  thought   about  how  your
ability  to teach and to learn influences your life and your earning?
Take a moment and consider:

Your ability to learn in school heavily influences your grades, the quality of  
your education, and the choices you have for a career.

Your ability to teach "on the job" has a significant impact on your
employment,  promotion prospects and overall income or business

While  teaching  is  a  skill,  and  most  people can  teach, to  be an effective teacher/
Presenter  is  surprisingly  hard. With  the  advancement  of  information  on  human
brain functions, now you can create your own Accelerated Learning (AL) Programme
Better teaching skills will improve your life

your kids to learn better through:
At GeniusBrain Centres, we believe that education is
the key  to the future. We know how important it is for
children to live up to their potential! The world is
changing rapidly and our children must be able to meet
the challenges that the future will bring. Now, with
changing technologies, our children must have the
problem-solving skills from any different opportunities.
When students attend GeniusBrain Centre, they not
only learn skills, They  learn how to learn!
GeniusBrain Learning System is widely available in Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Oman.
Ignite Your Kids’ Learning Potentials
                 with proven GeniusBrain Accelerated
                                               Learning Techniques !!! READ MORE

A   super  learning  program  that enhances  participant’s  learning

potential,  this program includes modules on mnemonic techniques (helps in memory retention), Notes

taking  techniques  (effective  notes taking  skills), examination techniques (reducing examination stress), speed reading (double the existing reading speed), thinking skill (problem solving abilities).  The objective is to teach children ‘how to learn’. More often than not our children tend to behave like

robots, memorizing their school lessons through drilling, like an artist memorizing his script, hence

their creative level setting low. Research has shown that children

below age 7 are very creative but once attaining above age 7, they show a decline in their creativity level. Only 10 % of them are known to have a maintained level of creativity at age 7. Upon reaching 8 years of age, only 2% of them are creative as before. This is due to the curriculum system that is practiced in most of the Asian

countries which is examination oriented and lacking in the usage of  students’ right brains. GB Super Learning system helps to develop students’ thinking skills, their reading speed, their memory power and their confidence to enable them to be a well rounded person. Once students acquire these learning foundations, they will be able to absorb and analyze a situation to solve problems. With better memory and reading speed, students will be able to memorize any information and read faster than any other in their age group. The skills they acquire through GB Super Learning system will then save them time in learning and thus produce the desired results. In GB Super Learning, students will be exposed to Super Learning exercises that will help them to relax their mind and increase their concentration. With numerous notes taking techniques, students can choose techniques which they are most comfortable with.


CRETS’s main objective is to develop participants to be more creative in their thinking starting from their pre-school level. CRETS (formerly known as GeniusBrain Photographic Memory and Creativity Programmes) activities are designed to suit children from the age of 5 and 6 years old. It’s a 2 years programme and conducted to children in kindergarten/centre once a week in a 45 minutes session. When we are born, our brain usage is balance. This means that we fully utilise our whole brain (left brain and right brain) when we are learning. This is one of the reasons why during pre-school days, students can perform

multi-tasking and learn at a rapid speed. In pre-school, they are given sample

opportunities to use their whole brain to develop themselves through various ‘happy’ and non-stress activities. These scenarios changes once a kid enters primary school. Primary school curriculum mphasise more on left brain development through language and mathematic development. In Asia countries, we can see the lack of development in terms of creativity and art lessons. Priority is more on academic performance where the results can be measured empirically whence creativity and artistic results are harder to be evaluated.


Tham Sheen-Ann

I have completed GeniusBrain Super Learning Programmes. From this programme, I learnt a lot, such as ‘Better Memory’, ‘Better in Mathematic (less careless mistakes)’, ‘Speed Reading’ and more confident during presentation (especially on stage). Thank you so much for this programme.


Navynia Sharyn             

Before I learn this programme, I was weak in memorising. But after I attended GeniusBrain Super Learning, I have improved in my studies and general knowledge. I got 5As (all mu subjects) for my UPSR!. Thank you GeniusBrain.


Suet Mei

I gained a lot of  benefits like acquiring the skills to study and knowing how to

face a problem when it occurs. It also empowers me to take action of my own

education and achieving goal in life.



I have improved my reading skills and my memory power. It provides benefits

to me. I was also taught what to do before/during/after my examination.


Nur Syafiqah

I like GeniusBrain and thanks for teaching me the right way to study. Hope to attend this workshop again.


Renee Loh

This workshop was very helpful to me for my studies. It teaches us the easy way  to remember and the right way to do my revision. I feel happy to attendthis workshop.


Nur Syafiqah

I like GeniusBrain and thanks for teaching me the right way to study. Hope to attend this workshop again.


Adlynn Awatif

I like GeniusBrain because I learn a lot of methods to study and its fun.


Nur Ain

Thank you for teaching me the right way to study and do my revision. I felt happy  to attend this workshop.



I will be a smart girl after attending this GeniusBrain workshop and I wish to thank GeniusBrain for their encouragement.



I always wanted to attend more on Basic Memory  Workshop.


Chan Mei Qian

became smarter after I’ve gone through this workshop and I will achieve my 5A’s in UPSR by using this method in my studies.


Low Kah Sim

This workshop was fun and I learnt  how to remember better for my studies.


Nur Aiana

Saya berasa gembira kerana dapat mempelajari cara yang betul untuk mengulang kaji pelajaran saya.


Tun Nur Ain

Saya mendapat banyak manfaat daripada ceramah ini dan seronok mengikuti ceramah ini.


Thiva Shalini

Its easy to remember and I will attend this workshop again because I enjoyed this workshop.


Dhia Azeem

The way of studying became easier and better and I enjoyed this workshop. It’s really fun.


Nur Syazwani

I learnt techniques on studying. Hope to attend this workshop again soon.


Putri Nazratul

This workshop was fun, and gave me a lot of  benefits. I love to attend this workshop.


Ong Jeng Kay

I like this workshop very much and I really wanted to join this workshop again.


Nur Aishah

Yes, I enjoyed this workshop and I learn the right method of studying from this workshop.



I hope this workshop will be continued forever to benefit students.


Nurul Syiraq

I learn a lot of new things on how to study in better ways. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this Basic Memory Workshop.


Yen Cheng

I enjoyed it very much and I think it is easy to do my revision again. It is really helpful for my future. Hope to attend this workshop again.


Asher Ann

Thank you for teaching us and I am happy because I learnt new method to study. I had a lot of fun during this workshop.



I wish you will come again during our school and thank you very much for this workshop because I learn the right memory techniques.



I am really happy to attend this workshop and I hope to attend this workshop again. It was the best class I had ever attended and I had fun.


Kayil Vezh

It was fun and I learnt a lot of techniques. I hope to attend this workshop again.


Juan Siew

This is the best workshop and I look forward to attend this workshop again. Thank you GeniusBrain.



and  conduct   your   own Power   Teaching   Session.

Creation   of   your   own   AL

programme will enable you

to produce excellent results

for your students. AL System can be applied in all Subjects that you would want your students to learn. It’s a set of structured Instructions that  you can use when you teach your subjects to your group of participants.